Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all of our courses come with continuing education certificates!
Our primary goal is to make sure you to get the most out of your training experience at One 2 One Anesthesia. So prior to scheduling your course with us, you will consult with one of our two dentist anesthesiologists to help you determine which course is right for you. That course will be dependent on your anesthesia permit level. To schedule this free consultation with one of our doctors call us today at (818) 344-4210.
Before you can take advanced IV sedation courses you will need to have basic training through another organization, or if offered, a local university. If you haven’t completed basic IV training, we would be happy to help you find one of these courses in a nearby city. For your information – Dr. Lee is the director of the USC moderate sedation course. Contact us if you would like specifics on these two courses. If you have any questions or concerns about basic IV training, please give us a call at (818) 344-4210.
Yes, team training is a big part of our services here at One 2 One Anesthesia. Your team is the lifeblood of your sedation practice, without proper training for your assistants, you are putting yourself at high risk for complications during sedation procedures. Your staff members should know what to look for and how to react when an issue comes up, so that you can easily adjust and turn your complication into a minor inconvenience. Find out more about brining your team with you to a One 2 One Anesthesia training, call us now at (818) 344-4210.
No, we will provide you with everything you need here at our facility. However, if there is a particular piece of equipment that you use at your office, that we don’t supply here at our training facility, feel free to bring it with you so that you can train on technology that you are familiar with.
The cost of our courses depends on which course you are taking, if you would like to know the details and cost of our courses please call us and schedule a time to talk to one of our top instructors. They will help you determine the right course for you at your current skill level. Call us now at (818) 344-4210.
Before signing up for a course you will need to consult with one of our top dentist anesthesiologists. Please call us today at (818) 344-4210, so we can help you find the right course for your skill level!
Most of our courses are 3 to 5 days, some of the more advanced courses are a little longer and others can be a little shorter. But all of our courses are jam packed with hands on experiences that will help you practice sedation safely in your office.
Almost all of your time at One 2 One Anesthesia will be spent with real patients in real scenarios. Your personal hands on experience will be based on your level of comfort and ability. In our program, we always put the patient’s health and safety first and your education right after that. With that said, our programs are geared to provide you with the most comprehensive dental sedation training on the planet. If you have any questions about a specific program, feel free to call us at (818) 344-4210.