Teamwork is the Key to Your Sedation Practice

Your back office can make a huge difference in patient care. If your staff doesn’t know what to look for, you can run into some serious complications and the patient experience can be diminished. At One2One Anesthesia, we train your office to work as one cohesive group, to use the all of your advanced anesthesia tools so that they can help you identify minor issues before they become major complications. Here are some of the things they will learn in our team course:

Handling Fears & Anxiety

Many patients who require sedation dentistry do so because they have moderate to severe dental phobia. They may even be afraid of needles, have bad gag reflexes or other considerations that prevent them from getting dental work done. We will go through a list of problems and concerns that your staff will run into on a regular basis and train them how to handle each issue so that your patients are comfortable and ready to take on advanced anesthesia treatment by the time you enter the room!

Preparing for Treatment

Your team will also be instrumental in asking the right questions to prepare your patients for their sedation. They will have a list of questions that will help you eliminate concerns about the patient before proceeding with treatment.

The Operating Room Checklist

Your office staff will also need to help you set up the operating room. We will give them a list of things to check and verify before treatment starts. With a thorough examination of the room and equipment, you can relax knowing that if anything comes up the right solution will be available to you because of the preparation your team did before you began.

Using the Tools and Team Communication

For most of the procedure, your focus will be on providing the right treatment and dental work to the patient in front of you. Having your team also know how to monitor the patient is an early warning system that allows you to take care of any small issues before they become big problems. With our advanced anesthesia training at One2One Anesthesia, your team will be given detailed instruction on how to use each piece of equipment and given the proper instruction on how to communicate these issues to you during the procedure.

Team training is critical to your success in a sedation practice. We would love to answer any questions you have or provide you with a more detailed outline of our team training schedule. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (818) 344-4210. Always, remember that at One2One Anesthesia, we are here to serve you and help you create the safest environment in your practice for sedation dentistry!